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I wanted to say thank you

He rendered services above & beyond the all of duty

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Pleased and satisfied with Maurice as my agent

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He showed exceptional behavior and charisma 

He treated our home as if it were his home...

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He sold our property in a single day!

Including Doctors, Lawyers, Film Directors, and Celebrities



April 6, 1994 


Sales: Brokers say it takes more effort to sell luxury properties, doing everything from hiring a limousine to finding a dog kennel.

It takes more than an Armani suit and a new Mercedes-Benz to be an estate broker wheeling and dealing million-dollar mansions. Appearances are important, but brokers say the real secret to success is going the extra mile for clients.

People with the money to buy a luxury home are often busy professionals who demand a high level of service, brokers say. And because a 5% or 6% commission on a multimillion-dollar sale is a handsome chunk of change, sellers expect to get their money's worth from a broker.

Other extra touches might include hand-delivering documents or hiring a limousine to view properties--offering champagne and hors d'oeuvres during the ride, of course.

And picky, brokers said. Still, there is usually some wiggle room.

Maurice Kozak of Fred Sands Estates once had a client who said he wanted an estate with a tennis court. But the house Kozak showed him had only a small paddle tennis court.

"Have you ever tried paddle tennis?" Kozak asked. "It's fun."

The client hadn't, so Kozak took him onto the court. They played, it was fun, the client bought the house.

But it isn't always so easy.

"There is a tremendous amount of money, work, trust and responsibility involved with listing a multimillion-dollar property," Kozak said. "When you're dealing with millions of dollars, people really have to trust you. There's no room for mistakes. It can be very stressful.

"I work seven days a week," Kozak added. "You must return phone calls promptly. You must always be available. Everything has to be first-class."

That goes for marketing, too. Spending their own money, estate brokers hire professional photographers, buy photo ads in newspapers and upscale magazines, and even print and mail full-color brochures.

Kozak also got his first million-dollar listing "by old-fashioned door-knocking," where he met a corporate vice president who liked Kozak's style and listed with him. "And then he sold me his huge, '78 silver Mercedes," Kozak recalled with a laugh.

That was 18 years ago, and he hasn't looked back. Today, Kozak sells mostly south of Ventura Boulevard from Studio City to Westlake.

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